Toxic Wasted EP

by Axattack

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released August 6, 2014

Guitar/Vocals - Alec Edelson
Bass - Anthony Oliver
Drums - Chris Darlington

Artwork by Kayla Delorie



all rights reserved


Axattack Columbia, South Carolina

Thrash trio from Columbia, SC

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Track Name: Werewolf
Day turns to night, as light turns to dark
Except for the moon in the sky
It's bite is most definitely worse than its bark
Now you are going to die

Fear its bite, You can't hide
Beast from hell, You will die
Try to run, You can't fight
Can't escape, The werewolf's bite

Load up on silver, prepare for a fight
This beast is half wolf and half man
Its terrible howling echoes through the night
Try to survive if you can
Track Name: Toxic Wasted
Bubbling sludge filled to the top
Radioactive chemical slop
All out of whiskey, all out of booze
Tilt your head back, shotgun the ooze
Mouth is on fire, stomach in pain
The waste starts to work affecting your brain
Your head starts to spin, you break out in sweat
Your eyes start to melt right out of your head

Toxic Wasted

Your skin starts to glow, but you cannot tell
You're blinded and drunk in your personal hell
You limp and you stagger out into the street
You're hit by a truck and knocked off your feet
You fly through the air and into a wall
Innocent bystander breaking your fall
You can hear screaming, you can feel pain
As you flesh starts to boil right off of your frame

Toxic Wasted

Face first in the gutter, nothing but bone
Your head aches like hell, you just want to go home
Pass out in the street content to give up
Hell of a hangover when you wake up
Track Name: Bear the Mark
We are the ones you hear in the dark
We bear the curse, we bear the mark
We are the ones who make you cower in fear
We bring the thrash, we bring the beer
Mosh in the darkness and thrash in the black
Banging your heads, breaking your backs
We are the ones who will set you all free
Cast you below into hell you will be

We bear the mark

Through all of the bullshit we see everyday
We thrash and we drink till it all goes away
You stare at us blankly, you think us all fools
We'll cut you all down, we make all the rules
We struggle each day of our miserable lives
Through anger we play, through metal we strive
We carry the torch burning brightly and strong
So lift up your glass and drink till it's gone

Another day gone, another night here
So throw back your heads and pound down your beers
Today was a day where nothing went well
So drink up my friends, I'll see you in hell

We bear the fucking mark